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Why Attend?

There’s nothing like a Worship His Majesty meeting. It’s an excellent way and time to get away from your everyday hustle and bustle and immerse yourself in the presence of your maker in an awesome worship experience and atmosphere.

A Touch from God
When you make time to worship God, He visits you and when God visits a person, healings take place, Miracles happen, deliverance is certain, and pleasant testimonies abound. You are refreshed, strengthened, and changed for the better.

Worship without walls.
Our meetings present a unique opportunity to gather with other worshippers from different cultures and church denominations, all of whom share the same faith in our Lord Jesus. Everyone is welcome. At all our meetings, you have a unique opportunity to encounter God like never before in the place of Praise, Worship, and Dance offerings to our Lord Jesus Christ…we ask that you come expectant and The Lord will exceed your expectations!

Great Experience for the whole family.
Our events are appropriate for your entire family and offer a great time out together.

What to Expect

There’s nothing like a WHM event! Not sure what to expect? Our events are often about 3 hours long. You’ll often experience everything from Instrumentals, Praise, worship, prayer, and exhortation, from various minstrels and ministers.

Our events are sometimes ticketed events and you can typically purchase tickets on our website or through advertised vendors. Sometimes, tickets are available at the doors on the day of the event; however this courtesy is subject to the availability of seats and is on a first come first serve basis. Purchasing tickets online saves you check-in time when you arrive. We encourage you to come in early.

Do children have to be registered to attend?

Yes, all children above 2 years of age should be registered in the counts of persons attending.

Will I be assigned a seat?

No, there are no assigned seats. Hence, it is important that you arrive early to get a good seat. We ask that you review specific information about when doors will be open for the event.

What should I wear?

Make your self comfortable. Most people are casually dressed to our events. We also ask that you be mindful of weather conditions.

Would I find a place to park my vehicle?

There is usually free parking on or around the premises of our event venues

How can I participate?

Yes, we issue tax receipts for all donations or free will offerings received.

Donate: We are a registered not-for-profit organization operating on a cost-recovery basis. Our ministry is partly funded by donations received from partners and friends like you.  For more information on partnerships and donations please click here

Volunteer: You can join our volunteer team and offer your service to God in different ways. We also offer opportunities for volunteers to get involved remotely. Volunteers interested in Language Interpretation and graphic design are able to support us from any location. For information on volunteering opportunities, please click here

Where can I get more information?

Phone: (587) 700-7706 |  (403) 922-0682