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Thank you for partnering with us. Your partnership goes a long way to support our ministry. We have a mandate to gathering people from across different cultures and backgrounds to worship our Lord Jesus Christ! Be a part of something Great! make an eternal impact today as you join us to fulfill this mandate!
We believe that for every soul saved and every life impacted or transformed by our ministry; Our God will credit the heavenly accounts of our partners...
Remember, the world is waiting for the manifestations of the sons of God....
Consider doing something that counts for God. Become a partner Today!
There are several ways to partner with us
You may choose to sow a one time seed or make a commmitment to donate a specific amount each month.
If you choose to sow a one time seed, please use the sow-a-seed botton to make a donation
If you will like to donate a specific amount each month, please use the drop down menu on the right to select a partnership amount you desire. If the amount you desire is not in the menu, please contact us to make arrangement to include your desired amount.

Tax receipts will be issued for all donations received.

For a list of our corporate sponsors, please click here

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You may also send your one time seed or monthly donations to us by mailing a cheque payable to: "Worship His Majesty"
Mailing Address: 111 - 70 Country Hills Landing NW, Calgary, AB. T3K 2L2
Phone no: 587 700 7706

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